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Link for your learning

Link for your learning

* ESL Videos @ (Charles Kelly)

Selected YouTube videos to help you study English. Some have transcripts.

*'s 365 Video Lessons for Beginners (Tom David)

Short self-learning lessons to help you speak and read English. (American accent)

* (Angel Fernandez de Teran Ruiz)

Using YouTube videos, you fill in the blanks while listening to songs.

* The Daily English Show (Sarah Lilburn)

View online, download the MP4 file, or subscribe with iTunes

Again and Again by The Bird and Tthe Bee (Apple Mac Music Video)

A repetitious, easy English pop song with subtitles. Good for beginners, too.

Auld Lang Syne (Learn a Song Podcast) - Video Version for New Year's Eve (Charles Kelly)

Sing the song while looking at the lyrics.

You can watch Window Media or Real Media and download a PDF transcript.

Barack Obama's Weekly Address (From the White House))

Watch the video and read the text. (Video is also Close Captioned.)

Bob Dylan - Blowin' in the Wind (Video with Lyrics Shown)

This is a popular song for ESL classes. - Explanations in Plain English

Not designed for ESL, but good for medium to upper level students.

Counting Video (People in Order) (The Portable Film Festival)

Good for ESL students: watch many people beat a drum and give their age.

DavidOsaka's Videos for Young Learners (YouTube)

Songs about Colors, Shapes, Months, Animals, etc. - Free Movies (mpeg1 downloads and streaming)

They are old movies, but downloadable. Bob Hope, Shirley Temple (Pre-1950's) For upper-level students. You should be aware that sometimes old movies use expressions that are not often used today.

English with Jennifer - YouTube Playlists (Jennifer Lebedev)

Grammar, Slang, Common Mistakes, Pronunciation, ...

EnglishBaby's Videos (

Normal speed, natural conversations, aimed at the more advanced student.

ESLpodTV (Paul Carr)

ESL video and MP3 podcasts. British English. (Sometimes Japanese English.)

ESLpodTV Lesson 14 - A Japanese Festival (1:48 Derivative)

Video in slow and clear English by an Australian. Subtitled in English. (Paul Carr)

Video, accompanying text and vocabulary list. (every two weeks)
RSS = (Ryan Detwiler)

Embedded YouTube videos with quizzes for ESL/EFL students.

Family Album USA

Macmillian's vidiocassettes on YouTube.

Similar to YouTube, DailyMotion, etc. But you can also download for iPod or PSP.

Janis's ESL Home Page (Janis Fair)

ESL activities, some that she created others are links to other web sites.

Jennifer's ESL Lessons on

American Slang, Common Mistakes, English Vocabulary, etc.

Jingle Bells (Learn a Song Podcast) - Video Version for Christmas (Charles Kelly)

Listen and repeat phrase by phrase, then sing the whole song. Lyrics are shown.

Ken's English Feed on

Weekly video podcast with listening, grammar and vocabulary

Learn Restaurant Vocabulary ( Video) (Jacob Richman)

bread, breakfast, cake, chair, dessert, dinner, eggs, fork, glass, lunch, ... - Video Lessons [FRAME] (Paul Selcke)

My videos on

Lee Sledd's 13 Videos for Listening Practice (Lee Sledd)

Cashing a Check, Visiting a Friend, In the Morning, Going Shopping, ...

Mariah Carey - Without You - with Subtitles

YouTube Vidio

Mark Cox'sMES-TV : English vocabulary videos (Mark Cox)

free vocabulary videos to use on-line; vocab, q&a, and interactive versions

Mike Smith's YouTube Video: ESL Websites

Introduces:,, TDES,,, ...

Miro Internet TV Player - Windows, Mac or Linux

Maybe this is the best way to watch English language videos. It's free.

MP4 Movies (Public Domain)

For advanced students. Old classic movies Video iPod and PSP Compatible

MP4 Movies (Public Domain)

Movies that you can download for free or watch using Miro. Not designed for ESL - English for All

If you like, you can download all the video file using the RSS feed.

Obama's Weekly Address on January 31, 2009 for ESL Students

Hear each sentence 4 times, the first time without captions, then with captions.

Online English learning video resources for language learners (John Wong)

Tapping into video resources on the web for language learners

PBS Frontline - Watch Online Videos

It's aimed at native English speakers, but can be used by advanced students.

Ryan Higgins' ESL Lessons on

IELTS Argument Essay Writing, How to Write a Letter,

Searching YouTube for ESL Videos (John Wong)

A page with useful search forms

Sozo Exchange's Videos on YouTube

Aimed at advanced ESL adults.

Super Simple Songs by MILK (Moving, Imagining, Laughing Kids) [FRAME] videos

The Law of Life (A Story by Jack London)

Listen and read along with this 14-minute video in VOA Special English.

Tiny Tots Japan [FRAME]

Videos in English and Japanese for children studying English

Tony and Thomas Take Tokyo [FRAME] (Thomas Sorensen)

Easy English videos with subtitles.

Virtual University: Video Interviews and Exercises (Brian Teaman)

Native and non-native speakers of English living in Japan are interviewed.

VOA's Special English TV @

Many past shows can be seen with streaming WMV. - Links to Captioned Videos

This site links to and embeds YouTube and other videos with captions. (Claimed to be public domain)

Over 600 classic videos in MP4 (for iPod, etc.), MP2 (for DVDs) and MPEG1. - ESL video podcasts

Two Canadian brothers make fun ESL videos in Shanghai - Kid's Videos (David Martin)

Lots of Shapes, Animals Everywhere, ABC Phonics, Where's Eggy Been?, ... - Videos for English Study

Apparently free, registration requested, but apparently not required.

Rebecca gives ESL lectures on YouTube - Free Online How-To Videos from Experts (Requires the Flash 8 or Newer)

Automotive & Mechanical, Crafts, Food, Health, Garden, Music, Parenting, ...

Watch other people's videos or upload your own. Requires Flash

www.learnenglishfeelgood - Clips from Movies (Videos on YouTube) (Harmon Abilene)

About 10 clips, each with about 5 multiple-choice comprehension questions.'s Videos

Videos with or without subtitles, quizzes, .... - Kids songs videos (Angel Castano)

Video songs for children to learn English - Kids video lessons (Angel Castano)

English lessons on video for children - Music Videos (Angel Castano)

Various embedded videos from sites such as YouTube and DailyMotion. - Vocabulary videos for children (Angel Castano)

embedded videos's videos

Watch other people's videos or upload your own. Requires Flash - Learn English by reading the lyrics of songs.

Songs videos with subtitles, The website is in Spanish, but videos are in English. - Video Clips & Lesson Plans (Jamie Keddie)

Embedded YouTube Videos with Lessons or Lesson Ideas.

Watch other people's videos or upload your own. Requires Flash

Watch other people's videos or upload your own. Requires Flash - 15 Vowel Sounds of American English (Part 1)

Listen to me say the words while you look at the written words. - 15 Vowel Sounds of American English (Part 2)

Listen to me say the words while you look at the written words. - Animals ESL Video - What Animal Is This? (5:20) (Chinav Log)

Listen to the question, see a photo or video, then hear the answer. - Countable - Noncountable Nouns (Marcus)

11 videos - English Teacher John's Adventure Pod (John Koons)

Interview with Charlie about a one-year cycling trip around Japan. - English Verbs That Start with A (8:36) (Ji Shui laoshi)

Jeff introduces verbs and does a sketch about cookies. - English Verbs That Start with A, B, C, ... (Ji Shui laoshi)

Watch the video and listen for verbs that start with A or B, etc. - English Verbs That Start with B (8:00) (Ji Shui laoshi)

Jeff introduces verbs and does a sketch about mahjong. (bored, breathe, ... - English Verbs That Start with C (9:24) (Ji Shui laoshi)

Jeff introduces verbs and does a sketch about a card game. - English Verbs That Start with D (10:33) (Ji Shui laoshi)

Jeff introduces verbs and does a sketch about the fabric market. - English Verbs That Start with E (7:08) (Ji Shui laoshi)

expect, excuse, erase, (be) embarrased, emerge, escape, and enjoy - English Verbs That Start with F (10:15) (Ji Shui laoshi)

(be set) free, fear, film, flush, frighten, fall, fake, fail, face up to, faint - Grammaman (Brian Boyd)

4 short episodes from - Jim Sendai's English Lesson Videos

With and without subtitles: 'Can you believe it' - KungZoo English Video Podcast

By a 30-year-old Australian living in Korea. Look for the English Episodes - Modern Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (2:40) (JoAnn Miller)

A movie to be used by EFL/ESL teachers with their students. - Peter's Live Sensei Video Podcast

By a 35 year-old Canadian - Practice ESPT Test (9:02) (Justos Alsero)

Listen to the questions, then get some time to say the answer. - Pronunciation of Some American Vowel Sounds (4:57)

foot / should, would / pull, push, put / house, mouse / our, loud / saw, dog - Pronunciation of TH (Both TH are sounds demonstrated.)

Look at my mouth, listen and reapeat. You can see the words, too. - TEFL Tube Video Podcast- Teaching Basic English

37 year-old living in Argentina. English for Beginners. - The Daily English Show

Daily show by Sarah from New Zealand who now lives in Hokkaido, Japan. - Victor's Action Teacher Videos

Short, no-nonsense videos aimed at Japanese students. - What animal is this? (5:20)

alligator, lizard, lizards, turtle, / What are the birds doing? / , snake, frog,

YouTube Video for Vocabulary: At School

school, flag, bell, teacher, classroom, map, calendar, desk, bookbag, paper, ...

YouTube Video: Phony Photo Booth from The Tonight Show (Jay Leno)

Funny and the English is not so difficult to understand. (phony = fake; not real) - BBC Learning English - Monkey

Idioms: Monkey around, monkey business, ... - BBC Learning English - Vegetables

Idioms: Hot Potato, A Carrot and Stick, ... - BBC Learning English Eggs

Idioms: He's a bad egg. Put all your eggs in one basket, ...

Watch other people's videos or upload your own. Requires Flash

Watch other people's videos or upload your own. Requires Flash






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